January 10, 2011

2010 - My Review

While this could obviously reek of psuedo-nerdo Pitchfork-like ass kissing,  I like to think I genuinely like these things. 2010 produced a sh*t-ton of music, and that's not my fault. I'll admit it takes me some time to get to all of them and to digest, sort and form an opinion (and remember every single one) but once I do, I think I'm pretty f'n smart.

Records of Note:

Deerhunter - "Halcyon Digest" - This one took its time to grow on me. And I'm glad it did.
Fu Manchu - "Signs of Infinite Power". Highly underrated and sadly overlooked. Go get this.
The Black Keys - "Brothers". I've made no secret to me being not so fond of "Attack and Release", the previous BK record. Danger Mouse is sometimes scary good (Broken Bells) and sometimes a head scratch (next U2 record. Seriously?!) and I thought that most of his collaboration with the Keys was hit and miss, so when Brothers arrived with a mix of the old and the new, I think that Keys really hit the nail on the head. They took what DM had taught them and applied it to their own know-how, and the results speak for themselves.
Black Mountain - "Wilderness Heart". How the hell this group isn't HUGE, I have no idea. This might be the best of the year.
The Sword - "Warp Riders". A little different than previous offerings, but still the same dynamic guitars that makes them dominate. I was surprised this didn't catapult them into a bigger fan base, but maybe time will tell. 
The Black Angels - "Phosphene Dream".  Despite this review, I think this is a fine record. But, the review is from NME, so...they must be right, right?
Arcade Fire - "The Suburbs". Another strong effort, these guys were destined for the big time. Can they sustain it?
Weezer - "Hurley". Ok, so they seem a little out of place on this list, but I seriously think they did a good job on this one. Some of its half-assed, but overall, I think its a solid record. If you don't check it out, then go find the Red Album from a couple years ago. That might get you fired up about Weezer again long enough to give this one a shot. 
Future Islands - "In Evening Air". the whole low-fi thing has gone off the charts, and while I still don't get why you would want your records to sound like ass (see: Best Coast, Waaves, King Kahn, Adam Green, The Black Lips, Guided By Voices, etc), I'm not going to rake a band over the coals for it. If you think that's what is the correct way to get the music across, go for it. All the examples I used, sans GBV (though reformed this year), released records recently and they are all pretty good, and people are drooling over all of it, so what do I know?

This can go on and on, so I'll cut it short here. There was a lot of records released, and that's a good thing. 

Also - Titus Andronicus, LCD Soundsystem, Ray LaMontagne, The National, Kylesa, The Black Crowes...and more and more  albums worth listening to. Go get one.

Movies! I'm pretty sure that this was the first time in as long as I can remember that I did not go to a movie. I feel pretty confident in that. Hell, even in 1987, I saw "Disorderlies", so to skip the entire movie business for a year with "Cop Out", "Bounty Hunter", "From Paris with Love"...oh, I see why now. I'll let someone else take on movies.

Biggest Disappointment - eMusic. They tried to strong-arm the loyal, original customers into their new way of business, with their whacky pricing system, not being able to download single tracks, discontinuing the re-download of previously purchased music, and loading up on everything they could get their hands on, and they still botched the entire thing. They had a real good thing going, and totally f'd it. I don't mind paying for my music, but give me better options, and don't be so arrogant that you are not flexible or cohesive.

I'm going to miss - Ronnie James Dio. The first real heavy metal legend to go.

Yay! Let's go 2011! Go see bands!

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  1. The Black Angels album is GÜT! reviewer be damned