January 11, 2011

2010 in Movies

I went to the theater a few times, but mostly these movies were watched on my awesome 50" plasma television whilst ignoring baby screams.

The Good
Black Swan: a simple story told in symmetrical layers
True Grit: Jeff Bridges and the Coens keep rolling
Hot Tub Time Machine: solid yucks, knows exactly how it's going to play
Sherlock Holmes: it's an action flick, the plot and dialogue aren't meant to be understood
Iron Man 2: git it, Iron Man!
Greenberg: the closest thing to a new Wes Anderson movie in 2010
The Fantastic Mr. Fox: a delicate soufflé of talking animals, yum!
Winter's Bone: a dirty, slow look at today's claustrophic hillybilly community
The Kids Are All Right: a well-paced, interesting family drama
The Education of Charlie Banks: i can't believe i watched the whole thing
Adventureland: mark zuckerberg double feature!
Step Brothers: haha woooo! yeah
Year One: okay, you distracted me with new characters and sets well enough
District 9: aliens distract me well enough from hackneyed plot
World's Greatest Dad: it got made
Taking Woodstock: good enough
Invention of Lying: Ricky Gervais
A Serious Man: boom

The Bad
Inception: amazing visuals, inane plot points explained by 'dream logic'
The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassas: another spectacular yet forgettable exercise in tedious impenetrable philosophy
Alice In Wonderland: looks great, but soon you just want it to end
Extraordinary Measures: boring and terribly acted
Date Night: i've seen better scripts on The Jerry Springer show
Joan Rivers - A Piece of Work: you only have to tell me that Joan works hard seven or eight times
The Karate Kid: if an American spends a month practicing, he can beat a Chinaman who's trained his whole life
Avatar: the blue creatures were too distracting and the pace too plodding
2012: what? ka-boom! who cares!
Up in the Air: the new rallying philosophy for sociopathic douchebags addicted to convenience
Paul Blart, Mall Cop: who wants to smell Kevin James' farts?
Eagle Eye and/or State of Play: what happened? i dunno who cares
The Soloist: barf
Wolverine: surprisingly little ass kicking
Drag Me to Hell: dull
Land of the Lost: how can a movie with Will Ferrell and Kenny Powers stink?
Away We Go: nobody is perfect except us i mean you (and your stupid volvo)
Whatever Works: alt title Whatever Sucks!
G-Force: i was embarrassed for Tracy Jordan until I saw Black And Blue
The Ugly Truth: utter dogshit
The Informant!: i forgot what was going on

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  1. Hey, we watched Winters Bone this week. I agree, slow pace but really well done, I thought.

    Here's a few more from 2010:
    The good: Shutter Island, Killer Inside Me (have not seen this one, but my Dad has mentioned it three different times), Toy Story 3 (have not seen this one yet, but Rotten Tomatoes considers it the best movie of all time), The Town, Harry Potter pt.19, and i would move Inception to this category (I didn't get a lot of the plot, but the visuals were awesome).

    The "Not bad": Book of Eli, The Lovely Bones, Brooklyn's Finest, Green Zone, Salt, Dinner for Schmucks, The Other Guys, Easy A.

    The forgettable (meaning I know I saw them, but I don't really remember much): Daybreakers, Cop Out, The Crazies.

    Finally, movies I'm ashamed I even watched:
    Tooth Fairy, Wolfman, Percy Jackson and the Incredibly long movie title, Splice, Predators (Adrien Brody two-fer!)