March 2, 2010

UNC vs Miami Game Guide

The Heels try to spit shine this turd of a season at 8PM tonight. Local TV coverage is on Raycom...

For some reason (too much beer), I still have an inordinate amount of confidence that we'll win out tonight and against Dook on Saturday. And then to cap it off, we take the ACC tourney title and advance to the Sweet 16, where we lose to The College of Charleston.

On a reality note, the best part of this season is that we get to watch the youngsters get a lot of playing time and see the future of UNC ball. Keep an eye on Henson, and watch how the team feeds off his energy. Too bad Ed Davis doesn't give off this kind of positive vibes...

PS: This was going to be a cleverly related video of "The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades)" by Timbuk3. But this one is much better... try and make it to the end without laughing, I dare you.

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