March 2, 2010

The Box

I knew it was from Frank because I haven't had to order anything from Ferguson since that Jumbo-Mouth toilet came in. But what could it be? A PVC pipe joint? A sink spout aerator? A tiny plumber? Turns out, it's a TCV tee-shirt, and a nice note and a piece of paper which can be exchanged for some of Frank's money!! Yaaaaaay. The shirt is my favorite item in there (assuming that the check bounces). It's so cartoony and mischevious. I have to assume that the bald, smoking vulture is JP Jones because he's old. The one in the middle has to be Grohl. And the pissy red one is Hommety Homme Homme. I can't wait to explain to Daisy (my 6-mo old daughter for anyone reading this who doesn't already know RBi/CgC intimately) about the wacky cartoon that is Them Crooked Vultures!

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