March 6, 2010

Peppers, Need Some Help, Bro...


Hey man, Its Jake. Dude, I see you hooked up with the Bears. Awesome! You always said you wanted to got to a winner ;) We had some great years, man! Wow! Remember when we pantsed Keyshawn Johnson!?? LOL! Don't piss that guy off! Lesson learned but was a good time.

Anyways, as it turns out, I just came across a lot of free time and I'm wondering if you could put in a good word with the Bears for me? Brother, I need a jobby job. Daddy likes to roll the dice, youknowhutimean? You nicknamed me the 'Wagin' Cajun' for good reason. I know I'll probably not start but I'm pretty good at catching the snap and holding the ball for the kicker; let the Bears know that. I can also carry stuff and get coffee. Whatever, dude, I'm not above it. I'm fu**in' Jake goddamn Delhomme, son! Its a miracle I made it this long and got a $12 million severance package (PSL for life, cuzzin! ooowww!!) to boot!

Holla at me, Pep. Text me up!


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