March 5, 2010

Listen to This: Goes Cube

New York based Goes Cube is performing next Monday night (ugh), March 8th, at Slims here in Raleigh. I haven't heard enough of there music to do a proper review, but what I have heard is a pretty heavy, sludgy, metal/ grungy mix. Sometimes a little heavy on repetition, but definitely bright spots of awesome, chunky hooks. Take a listen:

Of local interest, the bass player, Matt Tyson, is actually a Raleigh kid who went to high school at Athens Drive in the mid 90's. He became a music journalist in New York and became friends with the guys in Goes Cube while he was covering them on tour. They had an opening when the bass player quit and Matt jumped in.

His other (I assume main) job is running the New York version of the Rock Report (at a much more advanced level), called EarFarm. It's a pretty awesome site and he spends a good amount of time covering NC bands. It's actually close to what I imagine we at the Rock Report are shooting for. So, check it out.


  1. "Song 30" reminds me of the Cherubs from back in the day, remember Heroin Man? Bet it would be a fun show, Monday nights are tough when you have a job...