March 4, 2010

I Feel Cheated! (pt 2)

Like many fans of the rock, I love Led Zeppelin. When I heard II at the height of my lemon-squeezing days, it blew mind mind. I have to say, though, that I'm not thrilled about an old song that's come to light. Apparently, the Beatles, before they became mega-stars, recorded a song that Led Zeppelin (I hate to say stole!) borrowed from heavily. Take a listen:

I'm not a huge Beatles fan, even though I do appreciate the effect they had in bringing rock-n-roll to popularity. However, their songs today sound a little dated and juvenile (this one is no exception). And you can certainly argue that the Led Zeppelin version really brings out a lot more of the rock (once it gets going...around four and a half minutes), and makes it sound kind of spooky and witchcrafty (is that a word? lulz). Here, see for yourself:

So, yeah, Led Zep didn't write everything. Just look at the liner notes to their first album - they only wrote about half of it. But Led Zep obviously made good things even better, they should just give credit where credit is due, is all I'm saying.


  1. I assume that JayJFadd is pulling our collective 3rd leg as only he can. This is not the Beatles, and it is not very old.

    According to YouTube, the clip is "From the early 90's Australian TV show The Money Or The Gun by The Beatnix, Australian Beatles Tribute Band". So it's just a decent Beatlified cover...

    Nice try, JJ. April Fools Day is still a month away. But you're right about one thing, Zep did not write everything. Black Sabbath did.

  2. Ditto on that. Nice Try JJ. Even a casual Beatles fan would have noticed Paul's bass is not being played lefty. You gotta get up pretty early...