March 8, 2010


You've seen John Henson's little mohawk, right? It looks like McDLT (that's "Leslie McDonald" for all you squares) has one, too. In the words of Deandre Cole, "Oooooh eeee - what's up with that? What up with that?"

Mohawks, fauxhawks, brohawks, frohawks... they've been cool ever since Natty Bumppo put on leather stockings in Travis Bickle's D.C. Cab. Today they might be part of a youth movement called "Jerkin." Yep.

Anyway, I say "might be" because I really can't tell a fashion trend from a Russian friend.
But LA Weekly says it's a thing, and that means Los Angeles so you know it's hype.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the heads up, JJ. Good to see these kids staying off the drugs and doing something positive. I love the rebirth of the tall box cut hairstyle. I always wanted one of those.

    I can't believe the 90's are back! I'm gonna have to break out my camo shorts and flannels again...

    Now if you need me, I'll be in the bathroom, practicing my jerkin.