March 7, 2010

Blue Giant, The Dead Weather

Here's a couple of bands you might not have heard. On the other hand, I am usually about 10 years behind the times, so this post might be like saying "Dude! Have you heard about this new electronic mail thing? Did you hear that Ellen came out of the closet?" Anyways, I haven't listened to these bands a whole lot, but from what I have heard they sound pretty darn good.

Both of these bands are being billed as "supergroups". I don't know about the term, since I think Jack White is the only bona fide superstar in these bands, but do I like the trend of talented musicians band hopping and seeing what happens. This is one very cool result of the decline of the major record label system.

First up is Blue Giant, an alt-county rock act from Portland. I like them. They are coming to the Local 506 on March 17. I might have to check this show out...

Second is The Dead Weather, a Jack White-on-drums project that features a really hot singer with a lot of attitude and some cool guitar work from a former QOTSA guitarist. These guys are probably all over the charts, but I hadn't given them a listen until last week. Cool stuff. Angry and dead sexy.

Also, we're still trying to figure out the best solution for posting music here on the Rock Report. Drop us a comment if you're having any trouble listening to these tunes from Lala...

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