March 19, 2010

Black Lips at the Cradle

This photo illustrates exactly what you'd hope to see at a Black Lips show. The Atlanta garage punk band is well known for their crazy live sets. Unfortunately this photo is from the Lip's show in Charlotte on St. Patty's day and not the show I took in at the Cradle last night. The Black Lips need to be edgy on stage because honestly the music alone isn't enough. In my opinion their set last night was far too tame. Granted Ian Saint Pé flashed us his gold grill and Cole Alexander caught his own spit a couple times but I wanted more. I fear the band may succomb to their own success; they're making money playing gigs which means they cant afford to alienate club owners by throwing beer bottles at the crowd. The Lips played all the hits and to be fare the set was solid enough. "O Katrina" and "Bad Kids" got the crowd moving and I particularly enjoyed their forays into more psychedelic territory. If I only had a time machine I'd go back a few years to catch the Lips in their debaucherous prime; maybe a set with King Khan? Thanks for tuning in for this weeks edition of of the Debbie Downer negative show report.

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