February 24, 2010

Yeasayer: Odd Blood

In true Yeasayer style this album is all over the place. Sometimes it seems like these guys are being weird just for the sake of it (check out the vocals on “The Children”). For the record I’m staying away from any “world music” reference here; what the hell does that mean anyway? All that being said I do like this album for the most part. Their first major release (All Hour Cymbals) was front heavy with good stuff (Sunrise, Wait for the Summer, and 2080) but the rest of the album was largely forgettable if not bad. This album follows a similar trend. “Ambling Alp” is probably the most straightforward radio friendly track; it’s a solid pop-rock tune. Other highlights include “Madder Red”, “O.N.E.”, and “Love Me Girl” which could have come off a Cut Copy record. If you’re planning to download the album you may want to stay away from the three slower, more ballady tracks: “I Remember”, “Strange Reunions”, and “Grizelda”. With the exception of those tracks this is a solid upbeat experimental indie post-rock alternative electro-pop record.


  1. I think it's called Ambling Alp. Pretty cool stuff. Check out this trippy naked people video thing

  2. Oh yeah. Turns out Ambling Alp is the nickname of an Italian boxer who won the heavyweight championship back in 1933. The song is about boxing, cant you tell from the video?