April 11, 2012


Been a long time....Welcome back to us! Keeping this one short and sweet: updated the calendar for the next couple of months, and there are some good ones coming: Megafaun, Crooked Fingers, Bass Drum of Death, Archers of Loaf (two shows!), Caltrop, Washed Out, Beach House, Sleepy Sun, White Hills, Bear in Heaven, Clutch! All this in the next two months! Let's not forget the one and only Van Halen in Greensboro on April 21st!!

Yikes! Was Dave drunk here?!? Let's hope for a little more of the same in a couple weeks. Right?! I know there are complaints about his voice not being so diamond anymore but give the new record, "A Different Kind of Truth", a listen and see that while not the same voice, the attitude and swagger are back in VH. That was a much needed thing after the last two decades of the band.

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