December 23, 2010

out: Larry Brown, in: Paul Silas

It's good for the Bobcats. Larry's a good fit as coach when everyone is eager to overachieve, from the team owner, coaches and managers, on down to the players, waterboys and ho wranglers. When the organization started cutting corners, most noticeably by neglecting to pay key free agents their market value, Larry immediately became an odd man out. I'm surprised he came back after the summer. When the new season started, Larry grinded that hustlin' axe anyway, rewarding less talented players with more minutes if they bought into his philosophy, and called out team captains for perceived lack of effort. You know, what he always does. But everyone in the Bobcats got tired of his agitating ways. "Hey Larry, we suck this year, let's just accept that and get through the season. You don't really enjoy this, so let's bring back fresh-legs Paulie who will be glad to be here." I dunno what my point is other than... Larry won't miss the Bobcats, and the Bobcats got what they wanted out of Larry when they unlocked the playoffs achievement. Bread and butter!

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