November 4, 2010

Big Weekend in the Triangle!

Lots of cool stuff is going down over the next few days here in the Triangle. The Troika Music Festival is kicking off tonight and runs through Saturday night. Valient Thoor, Hog, I Was Totally Destroying It, Snuzz, Whatever Brains, Mandolin Orange, Red Collar, Free Electric State, Shipwrecker, Hammer No More The Fingers and Birds of Avalon are all part of the shindig along with many more. Click on the link above for the complete schedule with times and venues. Along with the music, there will artist of all types displaying their work all around downtown Durham, so if your ears need a break, get your eyes full.

Get out and support the locals!!! They need you!!! Seriously...but, lets continue on with the music...

Ra Ra Riot is at the Cradle tonight! They are touring behind their new record, The Orchard. Hmmm, Ra Ra or the Troika kick off? 

Fang Island is tonight at the 506.

Friday night at the Local 506, Future Islands will bring their brand of post-wave mood music to the stage. These guys have been blowing up recently, so I bet, if its not now it will be, sold out. They threw it down at Hopscotch and left lots of people talking about them. 

Also at the Local 506, on Saturday, is Shearwater. While I think their brand of over the top indie weirdness is a bit much, going to SEE them is totally worth it. The drummer alone is worth the price of admission. Trust me on this. And, hey, you might like them! I want to, at times, but...just go see the drummer.

Wolf Parade hits the Lincoln on Saturday night. I've always wanted to see these guys, but my schedule and their schedule never seems to line up. So it is that I will miss it once again.

And lets not forget that UNC plays American football versus FSU. NCSU pooped all over the Seminoles last weekend, while the Heels played one quarter of meaningful football versus William and Mary and squeaked out the victory. FSU is sure to have a bad taste in its mouth and will be looking to use the Heels as toothpaste and a toothbrush. Will Yates get his confidence back and will the defense create the turnovers needed to win? Should be a good one. 3:30pm Saturday on ABC.

Whatever you decide, get out and support something! While this is a small sampling of what is going on, there is plenty to do, see and hear.

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