May 10, 2010

Sink your teeth into this one...Fang Island

It's like Andrew WK decided to tour with a band of 4 AWK's. (Speaking of, saw AWK a few years back in Charlotte and it definitely goes down as one of the most entertaining club shows I've ever seen. Yeah, I know the music is repetitive, but it still kicked ass watching him get bugnuts crazy all over the stage and in the crowd.)

It's upbeat, "giddy," full of harmonies, killer intros and fantastic solos. I'll throw Pitchfork a bone because they hit the nail on the head describing it as wildly infectious.

"Daisy" is a standout. So is the intro track, "Dreams of Dreams," as it's a stellar precursor of what is to come. I found myself bobbing my head all the way through the album and bummed when I thought it ended too soon. Recommend.

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