April 27, 2010

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Tobacco

The first thing I heard from Maniac Meat was "Sweatmother", sandwiched in an mp3 shuffle in between Noah and the Whale and some other soggy acoustic affair not worth mentioning. The slow, staccato riff captured me right away, then the scary Aphex Twin voice and bleeding keyboards topped it off. A Beck Hansen collaboration, "Fresh Hex" came next, and its 90 second time had me re-checking the download link to be sure I didn't get a partial track.

The big difference from Black Moth Super Rainbow, the band that the guy from Tobacco is half of (the Super Black part maybe) is that these songs have a creepy purpose and disco direction that I've missed in BMSR songs. They roll with the overloaded keyboard textures, instead of putting a song on top of them. It's like pushing your toes into some Skoal.

Here's the official unofficial video for Sweatmother:

The audience-shot videos of live performances that I've seen don't do much for me. Sitting in my desk chair, it's like watching teenagers play XBOX Live. But the album's good enough and I don't need any more reasons to pick up a pack of Magna's.

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