April 19, 2010

Hip Shots

No Sh*t, Led Zeppelin voted best band to ever write songs...People in Boston believe Aerosmith is still a band...Bret could have died, and if so, would he be buried with bandanna on?...Here is an interview with metal legend, Lemmy of Motorhead. He played "Ace of Spades" with Slash and Dave Grohl at some awards shindig...the reunited Soundgarden played their first show in 13 years Friday at a club in Seattle. Here is the setlist. I'm sure there are bootlegs of the show available already as well...The NBA playoffs have started. Don't worry, you have two months before its over. Will it be Lakers or Cavs? After watching Lebron torch the Bulls tonight, I'm going Cavs....Conan does Radiohead...Checking out Broken Bells and the "new" Hendrix records this week; I'll let you know how it goes...Coachella was this past weekend; anyone have any first hand reviews? Let us know...Local Natives are creating quite the buzz. They are selling out shows left and right, so if you have an interest, better get your ticket for their show at the Local 506 on May 4th...if you care, Singler will be back...meet me at KFC for lunch. While there, we can plan funerals.

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