April 25, 2010

Beats by Dre Review

I had been looking for a good pair of headphones for a while. These are branded as the 'Beats by Dre" manufactured by Monster. I have to say, they look pretty cool, and sound great. There are a few different models. The picture above is the over the ear model called the "Studios." There is a smaller, on ear model called the "solo." They sound great too, but if you like bass, there is no comparison. I would suggest the "Studios." They also make a few models of earbuds, called the "tour" that I haven't personally listened to, but if they are half as good as the "Studios," I'd give hem a try. Some of the other features of the headphones are, they have noise-cancelling built into them; the cables that come with them are gold plated, heavy guage monster cables (one of the cables allows you to listen to the music on your phone, and if a call comes in, you can answer it, and speak to the caller without taking the headphones off.) They are pricey though. The "studios" run about $299, the "solo" runs about $199, and the tour (earbuds) are about $179. You can get them on the website, but I got mine at Best Buy. There are a few different colors. White, Black, and the hard to find red. By the way, this summer they are introducng a model called the "Beats Pro." ($399) They look pretty badass. They are "Engineered and artfully designed with the pro in mind, Beats Pro were built from the ground up with the cooperation of audio professionals. They deliver pro-caliber even response and passive sound isolation, revealing every note with distortion-free clarity. And just as important, they're constructed for heavy duty use, featuring a light, yet rugged, industrial aluminum frame to endure intense use. Plus, the unique flip up ear cups and dual input/output cable ports give you ultimate convenience." Go out and get yo' self a set. Let me know what you think!

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