March 18, 2010

Alex Chilton

Sad day....Alex Chilton of Big Star passed away. Their albums, "No.1 Record" and "Radio City", are damn fine pieces of work. If you like newbies Telekinesis or Weezer or just about any other power pop band, then you'll like Big Star. If you like good music, you'll like Big Star. They paved the way for lots of bands, and remained fairly underrated outside the hipster scene. That's unfortunate. My guess is that with Chilton's passing, Big Star will get the accolades it deserves.With death comes validation, at times. This is "Feel" from No. 1Record and below is a little sappy tune called "Thirteen"


  1. I'm the cliche who only knew him from the Replacements song.

  2. Has anyone checked up on MC? Alex Chilton reminds me of MC right after college - not exactly pump-up-this-party music, but great in other situations.