March 10, 2010

The Royal Nites, The Demon Beats and Loners at Tir Na Nog 3/4/10 Review

Ok, so I'm a little late on this. Between work, spending the weekend getting slammed and then the onset of a nasty cold - it just didn't happen. But, now that its almost a week later, I should be able to give a quick review with minimal details. Just know that a)I think they are called The Royal NITES and b) it rocked. Bang! pow!

Local guys, The Royal Nites, started the night with their brand of guitar dueling, Henry Rollins vocal sounding, hard rock. And they did not disappoint at all! This was my first time seeing them, and I was highly impressed. Granted, I'm more into to hard rock, so it suited me just fine. These guys have been doing this style of no frills, PBR swiggin' rawk for years (Lordneck, The Greatest Hits) around these parts, and they are not about to change now, thank Jeb Stuart. Please go see them. I know that can be difficult because they don't believe in myspace or Facebook or emails, so you just have to keep your eyes peeled for when they are playing. Hopefully, we'll have the inside info on dates as they come and we can pass along.

Next was a group from West-by-god-Virginia called The Demon Beat. They are young with sassy haircuts. The drummer was interesting (he who said very random things in between songs) and the music was ok. Dongles and I thought they were playing all Stooges covers for a couple songs, but then they would break into a pumped up rock/pop tune with the Ben Folds-style vocalizing and hooks. Overall, I can see where (young) people would get into them. They are energetic, poppy, garage rock inspired youngsters who say 'fuck' a lot in between songs. Little Steven will probably play them on his radio show. I linked their myspace page. You decide what to think about them. It sounds like I'm being a bit critical but its mostly because they have hair AND played guitar with their teeth.

I feel like a f'n grandpa after that last paragraph. What the hell is wrong with me? "Lady GaGa?!? Back in MY day we called her Elton John!!"

The Loners were last. Unfortunately, the NC beers and late night started catching up to me, so I had to split half way through their set. With that being, I've seen them a few times before and loved them, and had it not been a Thursday night and me having to get up in the morning, I would've stayed. They are like an old, dirty, stinky pair of shoes that can take you anywhere and still hold up. The two piece band sounds like a five piece at times and I have no idea how they pull that off. I've kind of got over the whole 'guitar and drums' bands thing. After The White Stripes, The Black Keys, etc. blew that style wide open a few years back, I'd hoped for a little regression in that formula. Thankfully, the Loners didn't stop or add that unnecessary, stage hogging, egotistical panty wetter bass player in order to separate themselves from that movement; and that's a good thing for everybody.

The beers were delicious. I had Highland Gaelic Ale out of Asheville. They make fine beers at that place. Drink them. And go see these bands (or any local, hard working band, for that matter!), even if it means you have to sit through some overly eager to please whippersnappers with swooshing bangs.

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