March 16, 2010

Pick up the damn phone!

My wife loves Lady Gaga. I mean L-O-V-E-S Gaga. So I'll hear this song about 1 million times over the next month. I just wish it were this version (these guitar players are straight outta 1989!):

Note to all you aspiring musicians out there; don't waste your money on studio time. Just head over to your friend's apartment and lean a mattress against the wall. Same thing.


  1. So this is Lady Gaga when she takes off her makeup? Nuno Bettencourt, I recognize. He works at a mattress shop these days, which explains the décor.

  2. hey! Jayjfadd is in there around 2:22...right side over the guitar neck

  3. ^ for that, i get a 1% royalty