March 27, 2010

Get your NIT brag swag

The best collegiate basketball team of all time is in the Final Four yet again. Who cares if it's the NIT, the PCP, the Dee-dee Ramone or the WWJD? I'd rather play two games in the postseason than one. And the Heels are already slated to play their fourth tournament game! They take on the Rhode Island Undeserving Senators this Tuesday.

To commemorate this accomplishment, you can now purchase Tar Heels NIT Final Four t-shirts/polo shirts/baby shirts/booby shirts. Basically, if it's a shirt, you can buy it with this awesome logo on it. Let me know if you'd like a water bottle, mouse pad, coffee mug, car magnet, dog sweater, pot holder or kangol with the logo, and we can hook that up, too!

You can share this link, of course, because mo money means mo money. However, it may be more valuable if you share your opinion of the design so that we can make it better if the Heels move on to the Championship Game (or beyond!). Fwiw, a poll on the NIT official website has the Heels as the favorite to take this year's title (55%).

It looks decent on a light t-shirt. I chose the bottom font because it already looks distressed (which is hip these days right?). But in the mockups, it looks like a printing error rather than justified and ancient. Probably will change it.


  1. Maybe we should market these to Duke and NC State students. Probably would sell more that way.

  2. At least it's not a shirt with some terrapin jabroney on it.