March 27, 2010

The Geer is Coming!!

Nice to see that Durham is adding another music venue. With The Pinhook and Broad Street already cemented, I'm sure there is still room for more. I know I look forward to it.

With Fullsteam also coming around the corner, it looks like downtown Durham is starting to hit a stride. Granted, I've heard rumors that Fullsteam might have hit a financial snag, but judging from their website, all seems to be heading in the right direction towards completion.

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  1. I emailed Sean at ꟻullsteam to say 'nice website'. He wrote back,

    "Thanks for the good word! I did the website myself, with the exception of a couple of illustrations. Wordpress is very flexible. I appreciate your positive comments!" there you have it. Nice feller who is d-i-y all the way.