March 23, 2010

Classic NWOBHM: Tank's Filth Hounds of Hades

I learned a new acronym today, NWOBHM. I think it's pronounced en - wob - him. Its wikipedia article is thorough, and says, essentially, that some British bands coming up in the late seventies eschewed the blues elements of the arena-filling hard rock pioneers-turned-dinosaurs in favor of uptempo punk stylings. Oh, and fuck Eric Clapton! am i right? that guys sucks.

There are several nwobhm bands you've surely heard of, but one that's probably new to you (unless your name is Frank) is Tank. You should read this experiential review of their 1982 debut, Filth Hounds of Hades. It doesn't really cover what the record sounds like, but you won't be surprised when you hear it, either.

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