February 22, 2010


After hearing about Coach Doherty arguing with fans during the Memphis game over the weekend I went looking for more info. Here are some of the quotes:
"At least I went to a real college and not Memphis Tech!"
"At least they've never changed the name of my school!"
"They need to take all those championship banners down because that school doesn't exist anymore!"
"At least my guys actually take their SATs!"

Woah. Matt, I love you and think you got a raw deal here at UNC, but you gotta' slow your roll son. I want to see you succeed more than anyone, but coaches don't need to engage fans. I mean, take a page from your mentor, Roy Williams. Uuhh scratch that. Bad example. I guess what I'm saying is you don't need this type of publicity. Speaking of publicity, I stumbled upon a video put out by the SMU sports marketing department that I thought was somewhat ridiculous and not helping matters. Doh!


  1. Ugh... wtf? Reminds me of the time he almost came to blows with Chris Collins at Dook.

    It's called anger management. Look into it.


  2. Wow, what a weird-doh. Yep, thats right.