February 21, 2010


How many of you are familiar with the music festival? Everyone right? Well there are a few around the country that I would really like to check out. One of which is Coachella. It takes place April 16 -18th just outside of Palm Springs, California. I really think this music festival should be renamed "I just died and went to Heaven." I mean the lineup includes every damn awesome band that I can think of. From electronica to rock to hip-hop, they're all pretty impressive. For example: Them Crooked Vultures, Phoenix, Thom Yorke, LCD Soundsystem, Gary Neuman, De La Soul, just to name a few. Here's a link to the lineup (which also includes additional links to info and music for each band.) It will make you consider taking some time off from work (and responsibility) to create the Woodstock experience of your (insert undesierable adjective) life.

Enjoy, please send pictures and .wav files!


  1. That's insane! Two things: 1. You forgot to mention Jay-Z (damn!) 2. No Van Halen (wtf)?

  2. Its Wolfgangs 15th birthday that weekend, so Eddie will be aking him drink Jack Daniels. He's also buying him a bass guitar that looks like a Jack Daniels bottle.

  3. Nice try, dude. But, Wolfgang's birthday is March 16th. Everybody knows that.....right?