February 17, 2010

Coppin' someone else's style

...in this case is okay. Quite a different sound than the Crooked Vultures rawkshow we checked out a few days ago. But then again, this is why the Shirt called my name. Actually, let's go ahead and spell it out verbatim why he wanted me involved:

"Walter - all things alternative and poppy. You are our go to Pitchfork indie-type guy. You know all those groups. Review and suggest those records!!! Video gaming, women and fashion are optional because you are a well dressed pervert and know all the sites to find this stuff."

The point of this post being when you find something good you gotta share it, right? (Comes via a great site called Yours Truly.) Check this out

Fantastic song entitled Excuses by The Morning Benders. What I like most about it though is the addition of the The Big Echo Orchestra which is described as a "rag-tag" group of San Fran's finest musicians. The lead says he pulled the idea from a Phil Spector recording, adding a huge "wall of sound" - in this case several guitars, drums, violins, and group vocals. I've played it nonstop for a few days and am beginning to wonder if the actual album track is going to bore me once I hear it. Tough to beat the idea of getting a ton of your friends together in one room to collaborate on a track.

I played violin for 15 years and haven't taken it out of the case in 5+. This song makes me miss it.
Anyway, here's to my first post. Enjoy.

So....late pm update.

And by late pm I mean 9:43. That's "late" when your wife is in her 9th month of pregnancy. Any day now folks. Sam better love some music.

Anyway, instead of sitting here watching these poor downhill chicks keep crashing in the Vanc olympics I decided to check out a fantastic site - Gorillavsbear.blogspot.com and what do you know....The Morning Benders have posted the album version of Excuses. Surpasses my expectations (because that Big Echo version was spectacular because of its magnitude.) Enjoy a free Excuses download courtesy of
the band themselves.

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